Secondary School


Having completed their basic education, the young children can continue their studies in the new secondary section. The 2015-2016 school year included 87 pupils in four classes: two first-year classes and two second-year classes. The 2016 new school year marks the arrival of the first children to have completed all their education in the primary school at the Mapon school complex. This year, the secondary school offers two sections for the third-year pupils: a mathematics and physics section and an industrial technology section. Calling on this high-technology, this second option will underpin the education of future students at the Mapon University. Thanks to this original course, pupils leaving the Mapon secondary school will not have to do a foundation year at university, which means they have an advantage over pupils from other schools.

Attendance: 90 pupils including 29 girls.

Infrastructure: Six classes (2 in first-year, 2 in second-year, 2 in third-year).

Staff: 10 teachers.

Special feature: Two sections: mathematics/physics and industrial electronics.