Lumbu-Lumbu Hospital


The Mapon Foundation is involved in education, fighting poverty and malnutrition, and developing local agriculture. However the only way it could pursue its project was to have somewhere to offer healthcare to the region’s people. This led to construction of the hospital (CHLL) inaugurated in March 2013, just two years after the first school intake. The pupils are offered regular check-ups, although this is in line with the overall philosophy for the creation of the school complex, since the CHLL also has a social purpose. High-quality care is provided to the poor and those who are better-off. Poor patients only pay a minimum fee, while those who have the means or who are referred by their company must pay the full fee. Featuring several wings, the Lumbu-Lumbu Hospital is still expanding to offer surgery facilities and to accommodate more patients.

Accessibility: Free care for the CS Mapon pupils and the most needy.

Staff: 18 nurses, 15 doctors including three permanent.

Healthcare: Paediatrics, general medicine, surgery, gynaecology, ear, nose  

and throat care, ophthalmology, dentistry, and preventive medicine; prenatal consultations and vaccination of children.

Pathologies: Malaria, diabetes, hypertension, typhoid fever, as well as neonatal and urinary infections.

Special features: Only scanner in Province of Maniema, 3D and 4D ultrasound scanner, digital radiography.

Laboratory: Biological, haematological, parasitological tests.