Primary School


Education is the focal point for the Mapon Foundation. This human right is essential for equal opportunities in such a disadvantaged district as Lumbu-Lumbu. That is why this location was chosen, to create a demonstration project for setting up a school complex in a deprived area. The challenge was to build a primary school in just four months and in time for the new school year in 2011. This challenge was met successfully. Given the very tight deadline, one could even call it an ‘exploit’. The project started with the purchase of the Matata Ponyo Mapon family house and nearby plots. In early May, the walls of the first buildings went up in a spot where there was just vegetation three months before and where poisonous snakes reigned supreme. Moreover the old type of dwelling was kept on site, to remind pupils that education can help you break free from a deprived environment. In September 2011, the primary school welcomed its first pupils.

Education: Free and high quality.

Attendance: 267 pupils including 133 girls.

Success rate: 86.4%

Infrastructure: 18 classes.

Staff: 13 teachers.

Enrolment: 77% from Lumbu-Lumbu.

Special feature: 4 hours of English.