School Farm “Mitandi Island”



What is the origin of the food cooked in the canteen? It’s sourced from a local pilot farm that the Mapon Foundation set up on a 34-hectare island opposite the

complex. The products grown are organic and fertilisers are natural. An agricultural engineer looks after this facility, which will expand as cultivation of this whole island increases and as its surrounding areas are further consolidated. The island’s production should enable 85% of the city of Kindu to be provided with organic produce. Short-term goals include training of the farm technicians. Agriculture is one of the Foundation’s key objectives. The pilot farm has ambitions to set an example, in order to reinvigorate the Maniema region’s entire agricultural sector.

Area: 34 hectares.

Output: 65% for the Mapon Foundation, 20% for individuals, 15% for seed.

Staff: 25 people including one agricultural engineer, one IT specialist, one     manager, 19 farmers and 3 watchmen.

Distribution: CS Mapon, CHLL, Kindu Market and to order.

Special feature: Organic produce and natural fertilisers (cabbage, amaranth,  spinach, sorrel, okra, chives, celery, aubergines, tomato peppers, cucumbers, onions, corn, soya, rice, manioc, and beans)